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Special Education Hearings and Appeals

We provide legal representation to parents who are not satisfied with how their school district is handling their children's special education needs. We enforce parents' and kids' rights under the special education laws. We do so generally through the impartial hearing process. We also handle appeals to the State Review Office(SRO) of adverse impartial hearing officer decisions and subsequent appeals to Federal Court of adverse SRO decisions.

Advocacy at CSE meetings

Parents often feel overwhelmed by the special education process and incapable of effectively advocating for their child's interests.We provide assistance at Committee on Special Education(CSE) meetings for these parents. This service is provided by parents of children with disabilities who are very experienced in assisting other parents both at the CSE and dealing with district personnel outside the CSE process. Our parent advocates work at all times under the supervision of an attorney and as an integral part of the team at the Law Offices of H. Jeffrey Marcus, P.C.

Assistance to other attorneys

We provide assistance to other attorneys handling special education matters. This could include help with impartial hearings, handling appeals to the State Review Office, handling Federal Court appeals or attorney fee claims in Federal Court and assistance with briefs. Additionally, if your client or your client's child has special education needs that you are unable to service, please consider referring them to us.

Family Court

Some children who receive special education services or who should be receiving special education services are also involved in the Family Court system. Some parents are charged with neglect and hauled into Family Court ostensibly to address their failings when in reality, the school district has failed to appropriately address the needs of their children. We provide services to these families.

Mental Health

We are a vendor of legal services for the Family Voices Network in Erie County. If your family is receiving wrap around services or if your family may be eligible to receive such services, we may be able to provide legal services to help address problems with your child's educational program.


We meet with groups of parents to educate them about their rights and to address their concerns about the adequacy of services being provided to their children. If you are interested in arranging such a session, please contact us at 716-634-2753 or by e-mail.

Adult Service System

While not technically a special education service, we occasionally represent developmentally disabled adults who are not being treated fairly in the adult service system.

DISCLAIMER: None of the content on this website is intended as or constitutes legal advice nor does it indicate an intention or commitment to represent any particular child, parent or family. Decisions to represent are made on a case by case basis.