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DISCLAIMER: None of the content on this website is intended as or constitutes legal advice nor does it indicate an intention or commitment to represent any particular child, parent or family. Decisions to represent are made on a case by case basis.

Current developments
Aug-18-2009 — Current developments in special education law with a focus on recent federal and New York cases and important legislative and regulatory developments.
Frank G. v. Hyde Park
Sep-03-2006 — Frank G. v. Hyde Park: Court rejects district argument that reimbursement is permitted only when a child has previously received special education services in the public schools. The district is appealing to the Supreme Court.
Parent groups
Sep-03-2006 — We meet with groups of parents to educate them about their rights and to address their concerns about the adequacy of services being provided to their children. If you are interested in arranging or participating in such a session, please contact us at 716-634-2753 or e-mail
Marcus firm prevails in Reactive Attachment Disorder case
Aug-03-2006 — Hearing Officer mandates tutoring in the home as per the recommendation of the child's treating psychologist.
Residential placement upheld by State Review Office
Jul-10-2006 — Hearing officer awards residential placement for child with Asperger syndrome. District failed to offer an appropriate placement and program.